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Who is doing wholesaling and how are you doing with Shopify? The native Shopify Wholesale functionality leaves a lot to be desired. I'm evaluating several apps but haven't found one that I love. I need customers to be able to fill out a wholesale application form with customized information. I need to offer terms up to net 30 (how does that work with Shopify checkout) and automatically charge or EFT them at the appropriate time. I need to upload specific prices per SKU, not a blanket discount. I need specialized shipping rules and/or to be able to connect to our UPS rates without affecting the retail side of our Shopify site. But I also want the customer to be able to choose to charge shipping to their own UPS/FedEx account. Is there such an app that can do all this?

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Hi @PLGBrad 

You may get help from Shopify Expert Marketplace.  https://experts.shopify.com/

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Hi there!

I was just reading through your post, and wanted to let you know that we have an application called Wholster, that handles every feature you have mentioned, including, automatic processing of NET payments, specific product pricing on a customer group basis, as well as the ability to connect to both your customers shipping accounts, as well as your own.



Happy to go over this in more detail with you if you would like. Feel free to drop us a line at support@gist-apps.com.