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Wholesale Channel - Back Orders, Price Margins, Delayed Payment

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Got some questions about how the Wholesale Channel works, couldn't find answers in the documentation sorry.


1. Back Orders

How are back orders handled?

Example: Customer wants 10 of an item. There are only 6 in stock.

Can they complete their purchase, with a note that 4 items will be dispatched later? Can this be enabled by default and disabled for certain items?


[edit] I found the setting - "Allow customers to purchase this product when it's out of stock" - can this be enabled by default for all products?


2. Site-wide Price Margins

Can a regular and wholesale margin be added to the price of all products, so both can be changed throughout the site without updating each product individually?


Product:Baseball Cap
Base Cost:£10.00
Customer’s discount:5% / £0.50
Wholesale Margin:50%
Wholesale Customer sees:£14.50
Regular Margin:100%
Regular Customer sees:£20.00


3. Delayed Payment / Customer Credit

Eg. trusted customers may place orders up to £3000 to be paid within 31 days. If someone tries to order £3500 worth of goods they would need to pay £500 upfront. Can Shopify do this?


I think an option might be to give each wholesale customer a reusable voucher code for £3000 off, but I'm not sure how this would work for keeping the invoicing and accounts accurate.

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Hi @james_ 


I am going to try to answer all 3 of your questions the best we can. 


1. Back orders can be handled in a variety of different manners. It depends on a few factors

  • how do you suppliers handle back orders
  • do you manufacture your own products and control the entire product sales cycle
  • what are you currently using for your purchase orders (does your current software support back orders) pick and pack/tracking software
  • the "continue to sell when out of stock" feature will support you for the most part, how ever this may cause problems is your order numbers outside of Shopify result in a loss of benefits (a large order gets split into 2 smaller order and the wholesale benefits are lost).

2. If you are currently using a Shopify basic subscription this functionality will be difficult to implement without using a few plugins, AND users will have to create an account in order to view pricing. Traditionally wholesale pricing is protected (or you will encounter matching competitive pricing,..and the race to bottom begins)

If you have a Plus subscription, many other wholesaling features exist to help you achieve your goals.


3. Delayed payment is not an option on a standard Shopify subscription. Full purchase is required before an order is confirmed. Other options are available outside the Shopify platform to achieve these goals.


We work with a variety of clients wholesaling on Shopify.

If you have any questions you can reach me via phone: 519.835.3009 or email at

We are an Ontario, Canada based digital marketing and web development agency.


You can learn more about us here 2H Media


Best of luck,

Matthew Herchel


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Basically back orders can be handle by whether you are manufacturing your products or shipping other companies product & control the entire sales cycle. features like "continue to sell when out of stock" will support for most cases , this may cause huge problems in your order number outside of shopify in a loss of benefits

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