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Hi.. Working on our wholesale Shopify clothing store. Customers will have to log in to see the site. Our styles are sold in packs of 6 (size run: 1 XS, 2 S, 2 M, 1 L). Right now I have variants for each products that set to packs: 1 Pack:6 Pcs, 2 Packs:12 pcs, 3 Packs: 18pcs, and that's it (usually if our customers want to order more than 24 pcs, they'll call us directly). If unit price is $10, then minimum order must be $60 dollars (1 pack of 6 pcs). How can I make it so that the unit price is still displayed below the item title, yet make sure that nobody is able to check out with a qty of 6 or multiples of it?



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Hey @rutroh ,


I'd make the actual product $60 (so there is no way for them to check out with less than the minimum) for simplicity but emphasize in the product title and description the per unit price and # of units.


I also find having images of all products included in the sale (i.e 1 image with 6 pcs) helps communicate that they are getting more than just 1pcs.



- Andrew
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Hi @rutroh 


This one's fairly simple to solve for you, we do it all the time.


Essentially here is the solution, however, it does require some custom code which we can implement for you.


Step 1 - products Setup 


A. use a tag or other attribute on the product to indicate the multiples its bought in for your solution 6


Step 2 - Coding 


B. Edit the product template for these products so that when someone adds a qty 1 pack it actually adds 6 of the variant to the cart.

C: Edit code so that lien item marked with Tag can only adjust products in these multiples 


There are additional things that can be done for example adding in variant options for singles and packs if you want to differentiate the price  


The solution would look something like this 


  • Requires the ability for customers to be able to purchase products in Pack Qty’s as well as in single Qtys and the Pack Qty would be at a discount per unit. 
  • Both the Pack Qty and Single item have the same SKU. 
  • This does not apply to all products 


Products Setup 


Something similar to this variant setup 




Just as an example 




Product Page

Similar to the simple version however we hide variant options and only display purcashe in Singles or Packs of 6 

The price can then be shown per unit on variant selection 

The Qty box behaves differently if you have selected packs of 6 or singles adding those multiples to the cart 


Cart Page

Again edit the code so that line item with specfic pack qty variant can only adjust products in these multiples 


I hope this helps feel free to reach out 1-hour free consultation info@inspiradigital.co.uk or visit our website 


Additional things we have solved for B2B Shopify Ecommerce Customers  


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  • Set a minimum order value for wholesale orders.
  • Lists. Empower users to create durable requisition lists for frequently purchased items. Reorder Functionality
  • Catalogues. Define store catalogues for association with different companies.
  • Credit. Extend credit at an organizational level and enable users to check out accordingly.
  • Allow Purchase on Net Terms - Through Our Custom Application
  • Optionally Expose product information without pricing to gain interest in product offering and new customers





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