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wholesale customer draft orders

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I know there is manually doing draft order through admin but is there a way for a customer to do it? I have a store where there is a customer login who can view the wholesale items and then select what they need but shipping price will need to be added manually after they submit the draft order. Is there an app that can do this?

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Hi @andyt85 

Do you mean a wishlist? We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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Hi Andy!

Would it be a good workaround if you turned the customer's checkout into draft order? I have made an app ( that allows you to convert abandoned checkout into Draft order so that you can edit shipping pricel

You can ask the wholesale customer to add items to cart and initiate checkout just like a normal customer would, then don't complete the checkout.

Then this checkout will show up in your Shopify Store Admin > Orders > Abandoned Checkout section.

After installing the Draftable app ( , select the checkout the wholesale customer created in Abandoned Checkout section, then click "More actions" > "Create Draft Order", a draft order will be generated from this checkout, which you can add the shipping price on it and send the invoice to customer.


Hope this helps!



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