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Hi All, 


I was using an app for wholesale on our regular site. I have decided to create a second store just for wholesale and my original store will be for retail. We have had issues with the app surrounding tax and shipping, hence why I am doing this.  I duplicated my store, and am tweaking it to make it just the wholesale products. There are no discounts needed because the products are the wholesale price already, they just need to be approved customers who purchase. All my customers approved for wholesale are currently tagged with wholesale. 


A few questions:


How do I get around approving customers so that not anyone can buy wholesale pricing? 


How do I enforce a minimum spend? (total cart amount, not product specific)


I also want to use starshipit to display accurate shipping costs, but this wasn't possible using the previous wholesale app. I have installed and configured this into both my stores. 


I thought creating a second site just for wholesale would negate the need for more apps, but it seems to be the other way round. 


Any suggestions would be appreciated!




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Hey Jamie / @thesoapbar ,

I understand your situation. Why don't you try creating a separate wholesale store for your customers - where only "wholesale" tagged customers will be able to see that section and purchase the products at wholesale pricing?

Here are the answers to your questions:

1. You should implement a wholesale signup form so that you don't need to manually approve them. Just ask them to signup for wholesale.

2. You can enforce a minimum spend (total cart amount) or even minimum qty and weight using a Shopify wholesale app.

3. You can also offer custom shipping using a 3rd-party app.

All the things that you asked for are supported by the Wholesale Pricing Discount app. Using it, you can simply create a dedicated wholesale section and link it to your current store in the menu navigation.

Hope this helps 🙂

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