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Does Shopify allow wholesalers to take orders without requiring a payment screen that away if there is a shortage or we want to impose a limit for non-normal customers we can?

Due to inventory shortages thanks to covid we are trying to build a website where businesses can view our merchandise and put in an order that we can review and fullfill according to inventory? 

The issue we are having is due to massive shortages throughout or industry we are seeing a huge influx of orders from current businesses and new businesses, and we would like to have a website (store) where a business can place an order without paying. This would help if there is an out of stock issue OR its not a regular customer and we want to impose a limit to ensure we still have enough for our regular customers.


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Hello @gtwholesale,

You can learn more here about Shopify wholesalers payment i think it will help you.






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You can accept Cash On Delivery, so peoples can place an order without paying.

With Shopify, it's really easy. Check some Cash On Delivery Apps here :  https://apps.shopify.com/search?q=cod

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Hi @gtwholesale 

Please check this purchase order app.  https://apps.shopify.com/simple-po

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