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Hello everyone. 

It's a little weird how inactive these forums are... is there another forum that store owners are using?

Anyway, I have a store in which my ideal customer is a business, purchasing items in bulk, receiving a discount for doing so. As it stands, there is no way to set this up with any Shopify feature (Buy 5, get 5% off, buy 10 get 10% off, etc). Their answer was to use an app such as Quantity Breaks. I had no choice, so I'm using that app and paying yet again, another subscription on top of the monthly fee I already pay Shopify.

Has anyone figured this out? I haven't found a way to reliably change the product page template to do this. Quantity Breaks uses variants and it isn't as robust as I would like. It also isn't free. I also think it is slowing my site down a bit.

I've found older threads on this, dating back to pre-2014 where people were asking for the same feature. Why hasn't Shopify implmented something like this yet? From what I understand, all of the other competitors (BigCommerce, etc) have this feature (in addition to several other basic features, such as dimensional weight calculations). Both of these missing features are being requested based on the old threads I'm finding, yet I haven't seen anything from Shopify about it. 

Am I missing something? Is there a solution already? With the Boxify app subscription and Quantity Breaks, and a new search enginge (yet another basic feature that falls short) I'm spending a ton of extra money each month. Running a larger inventory store on Shopify is a bit difficult given these circumstances. If I only sold t-shirts or a few products, it wouldn't be an issue. 

What gives? Why is Shopify ignoring this?

Are there any themes out there designed to handle the tiered pricing discounts?

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