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I was considering migrating from Wordpress/WooCommerce to Shopify.  With Wordpress, I have an annual plug-in subscription ($75) and my wholesale clients have their own log-in and can easily view the pricing and purchase.

It seems like the only options for wholesale pricing are monthly ($20+ mo.) options and it all seems way less streamlined to access/create.  Any suggestions?  

I love everything about Shopify but if this is the only option, I might just have to stay with Wordpress, which I hate! 

Thanks in advance.



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So why are you not migrating from WooCommerce to Shopify? Shopify offers many exceptional features in comparison to many of its prominent competitors. 

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Hi @TriciaG 

Shopify is best for dropshipping.  Any possibility for you to start from scratch in Shopify? 

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Hi @TriciaG !

If you are migrating to the Shopify and would like to wholesale I would recommend you trying free KAD Wholesale app.

This app will allow you to have retail and wholesale Stores both in one. Wholesale prices will be seen by the you wholesale buyers when they log into the Store. App also has cart limit and minimum order amount limit. 

Here is where you can lear more: KAD Wholesale • Custom Pricing

In case of any questions please contact me here support@kad.systems

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