Whosale curly hair products

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Hi there, 


I am looking for suppliers from curly hair products. I'm living in the Netherlands, a lot of products for curly hair form the USA. I would like to sell brands like, Jessi Curl, DevaCurl, Only Curls... etc. 


Can someone help me out?

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u need buy from China,that will save money,please contact me,if u need i can send u sample.  leo@bbhmdc.com

send me email let's talk

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Hi @elinekroez 


We are currently working with a client that is Deva Curl certified. Did you need contact information to import Deva Curl product? What quantities are you trying to achieve? 


There will probably be minimum order sizes to qualify as "wholesale".

You can email me at matthew@2h.media to get the conversation started.


You can learn more about our marketing and web development agency here.


I look forward to chatting.


Best regards,

Matthew Herchel

2H Media


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Hi, did you find some suppplier for Europe please? I´m working on the same thing in central Europe. Just curly hair products..Thanks for recommandations.

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Hello @elinekroez 


Please check the below two suppliers.




Dropship Beauty

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Hey! Gabby here from Spocket. Perhaps you might want to check if the hair products you need are on the app's catalog? You just have to sign-up for free on the website to gain access to it and do your search. If you're unable to find them, do let me know so I can ask our suppliers team to source them out for you.


Thanks and hope you can find the time to check the platform out!

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We are sale human hair product online, and Free Shipping to Neathland.

com and check.

Curly Hair



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i recommend you check out :https://www.glamour.com/gallery for your curly hair products

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