Can I buy a basic plan and transfer it without a credit card or PayPal?

Can I buy a basic plan and transfer it without a credit card or PayPal?

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i want to buy a basic plan for 1 year.


can i transfer to your account and i have not a credit card nor a paypal account

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Hi @multisci!


I appreciate you reaching out about this and hope you're having a good day!

It is not currently possible to sign up or pay your subscription via bank transfers. The majority of merchants must pay for their Shopify bills using a valid Mastercard, VISA or AMEX credit or debit card.

Here is a quick list below of our payment card requirements;


  • Must be a debit card or a post paid credit card (pre-paid credit cards are not supported, but may work, see below explanation)
  • Must be cobranded with Visa, Mastercard, or Amex
  • Must be capable of accepting charges on your billing currency.
  • Must be capable of making online purchases
  • Must be capable of accepting recurring billing
  • Must have appropriate funds available
  • Must enter billing address and details the same as what their bank has on file
  • Must not have a restriction on how much the bank will allow to be processed at once
  • Prepaid cards are not supported, but may sometimes work. Virtual credit cards are not accepted.
  • PayPal - All except merchants in India.
  • UPI - The Unified Payments Interface (UPI) allows merchants in India to pay their Shopify bills in Indian Rupees, directly from their bank account.


It might be worth setting up a PayPal account (if you are not located in India) so that you can sign up and pay your bills with Shopify. It is quite easy to set up and it's always free. If you'd like to do that, here is the link.  Alternatively, you could reach out to your bank and discuss some options about getting a debit/credit card.


May I ask is this your first store? If it is, I'd recommend this free course on Shopify Learn about Getting Started with Shopify!


Maz | Social Care @ Shopify 
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