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Creating pricing and tax structure for non-US stores

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Hi there,

Are there any plans to make the pricing and tax settings more user friendly for non-US stores?

I have just moved over from BigCommerce and can't believe that I am not able to set up my store to sell both locally and internationally. The tax rates and pricing structure settings dont allow for me to do this without customisations however this affects my ability to use apps such as FB shop and Buy Now buttons as they pull through the wrong price.

Come on Shopify - SOOOO many of your NZ / Australian and EU customers have been asking for this to be fixed for years by the looks of the forum postings.

Are there any plans to implement these requests?

Many thanks



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Shopify Staff (Retired)
Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi, Anna!
Anders from the Social Care Team here.

Thanks for the feedback here. So I can pass this along to the appropriate teams, what sort of functionality where you after?

For the time being, you can set specific Tax Rates for both Local and International areas. Under Settings > Taxes > Tax Rates you can add different Countries here. Within those Countries, you can also set Province or State-specific rates. Our guide HERE goes into greater detail.

I look forward to your reply! 

Anders3 | Social Care @ Shopify
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Hello Anders

Thanks so much for replying so quickly!

I have tried using the settings as outlined in your help doc - but the issue appears to be that I require a combination of showing prices including tax throughout my store (as per the example of the UK store in your help doc).

However, if I also want to be able to remove the tax for customers shopping internationally.

To step you through what I have done in my store so you can tell me where I am going wrong:

  • I have a product that has a price of $60 + $9 tax.
  • I need to show this product in my store with a price of $69 due to local regulations.
  • I set up the product with a price of $69 and checked the box 'Charge taxes on this product'.
  • In the tax settings I have selected 'All taxes are included in my prices' and 'charge taxes on shipping rates.
  • In the Tax Rates section I have entered the tax rate of 15% for local customers.

Applying all these settings shows my product and taxes perfectly on the product pages, cart and checkout for my local customers.


The same settings do NOT show correctly for my international customers as they can only be charged $60 for the product as they can not be charged our local tax. Instead they are also charged the $69 even though their tax settings are set to 0%

So where am I going wrong?

Thanks in advance





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Hi Anders!

Any update on the above for me?

Many thanks



Shopify Partner
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We are looking for help with this too...any update? @Anders?

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Dear Anna, 


I'm SOOOO there with you. My business is in France and it is an absolute nightmare. 

I've had to fiddle and fix it by rounding numbers without taxes, which looks good up until the clients buy several pieces where suddenly a lovely 15.50€ becomes 46.49€ out of nowhere. 


I'm afraid I can't go on much longer looking like this as I'm looking like a real idiot compared to my competitors, and I may need to explore Prestashop or Magento opportunities fast. 

I really don't understand, Shopify being so international, how it has not been addressed before. I'm certainly not the only EU shop with this problem!