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Double accounting from Shopify to QuickBooks integration

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Hi everyone,

I am seeing an issue with a clients accounting stemming from Shopify transactions being pushed into QuickBooks via the QuickBooks app on Shopify. 

For example, let's say we have order #123. #123 is canceled to add another product to the order, and turns into #123A. When the data is sent from Shopify to QuickBooks, it will put all the sales, shipping and relevant financial info into QuickBooks. The problem with this is is doubles our sales, shipping income, sales tax and shopify holding accounts because Shopify doesn't filter out canceled orders. The easy solution is to just delete the original #123 in QuickBooks, but I was wondering if there was a solution that didn't require as much manual clean up. Also in a different scenario, if the order was just canceled other than reason for changing which items are in it, it still would go into the books because it shows up in Shopifies ledger and  it doesn't filter them out when exporting into QuickBooks. 

Any ideas on fixing this? I can't seem to find anyone else experiencing this issue but it's causing a lot of accounting information to be skewed. 

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Don't use the QuickBooks app. Use Webgility. I use this with every single ecommerce client, and it makes it so much easier to sync your sales, and reconcile everything.

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Use eBridge Connections rather than the QuickBooks App.
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yes, ebridge connection really works good


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Hi Wes, a Shopify QuickBooks connector can solve the issue of double accounting and manual labor for you.

DBSync Integration platform provides such connector as a pre-built solution for easy deployment.

You can learn more here with more resources - Shopify QuickBooks Integration

Read this article to learn about the integration process as well.