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Going VAT Registered in the UK & Prices

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Hi all,



I've been using Shopify since last year! I'm not at the moment VAT registered but it looks like that's about to change. As I'm in the UK, UK customer will pay the VAT but customers outside won't so how does Shopify handle this? Is it straight forward to implement so that my customer outside the UK will have the VAT deducted from what they pay?  

My prices already are the same as anyone who is VAT registered as we all have to abide by the RRP.  So I checked the "All taxes are included in my prices" box and in my list of countries made all EU countries 20%.  So all those work out fine but when someone from outside the EU buys they expect to not pay the 20% VAT and see a 20% redusction.  But unfortunately this doesn't happen and my prices stay the same as before I go VAT registered.  This is going to loose me sales.  I could go and change the prices on nearly 7000 products but by the time I have done this I will have gone crazy and lost all my customers as the site is closed whilst doing this.


Hope this all makes sense and someone has a idea how to do this?

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