How can Ambaya Gold redeem her accumulated points?

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The shopify account for Ambaya Gold has garnered 150,271 points!  We have been trying to redeem these points to support her woman-owned business for 3 weeks now.  We need immediate action and outreach to help us redeem the points that are promised as part of this service.


In gratitude,

Ambaya Gold


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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi there, @AmbayaGold


Thank you for this inquiry as it is the first time I have encountered this. 


Are you able to expound more on the points you have garnered in your account? Getting a better idea on this matter will help myself and other contributors to decipher how best to assist you on this matter of points. Any information that you can share about this points system will be much appreciated.


You can also reach out to our Live Support team for more immediate assistance. They are also the team that can look at the back-end of your account and discuss store specific details with you. 


Definitely let us know how this works out for you and looking forward to hearing more from you as well. 

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