How can I generate a sales report sorted by tax rate?

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Hi everybody, 

Our accountant asks us to  export a report of the sales by tax typology. For example, we have a 20% tax rate for certain products, and a 5,5% tax rate for others. I would like to create a report of the sales, separating the sales numbers regarding the tax rate. is it possible ? 


Thanks a lot for your help, 

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Please check the app Mipler Advanced Reports. We already provide a lot of tax reports including such one. You can group sales by tax title, rate, etc.

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Unfortunately, Shopify doesn't have a report that shows the taxes and sales together. 


Our Report Toaster app can do this. We have a Tax by Jurisdiction report that is exactly what you're looking for. Please take a look and let us know how we can help.

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Standard Shopify reports will not provide that kind of a report. You can install application (tehre are quite a few of them). I presume your store is in France (baased on quoted VAT rates) and you use tax overrides for domestic sales. If you sell using OSS scheme to other EU countries apart from France we can offer a solution for you - you will get all sales report in easy csv form - domestic (France) and for all other EU countries with VAT rates celarely identified (reduced rates for other . Do check us at - the best EU and UK VAT compliance solution.