How can I resolve double VAT application issue in my Swiss online store?

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I've set up a shop in Switzerland a few months ago, we're selling in our own country and in Europe.

VAT is being collected in our Switzerland market and in Europe (IOSS).

Our base prices INCLUDE the Swiss VAT.


A strange thing is happening:

- a customer from Italy, for instance, gets the right VAT applied. First the Swiss VAT is subtracted, then the shipping destination VAT is added

- a customer from Switzerland gets our VAT applied a second time (to the base price already including vat).


I've created a second test shop in a "Shopify partner" account and, as far as I can understand, this doesn't happen anymore.


How can I fix this in the real shop (which is already in production)?


Thank you very much.




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HI Azicchetti, 
Can you provide tax,  market  and overriides   (if any) settings. Otherwise,  it is not possible to advise. 
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