How can I track net profit by product on each payout?

How can I track net profit by product on each payout?

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I have asked support about this several times and just get a "you can't do that".


Shopify is lacking a very simple, and to me, common sense report. I need to know, on each payout, how much of the payout, after fees, is for what product. I need to track, my net profit for each product in my store. Currently there is no way to do that. From an accounting standpoint, I need to credit $x.xx net profit to product A, $Y.yy net profit to product B, etc.


I don't understand how anyone wouldn't want this?

Does anyone know any way to do this?

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Hi @EHegerle ,

Yes, you're right. Shopify doesn't provide this report.

Alternatively, Report Pundit has the option to display a breakdown of payouts that contain details such as Shopify fees, Product Details, Payout Charges, Sales Value, and much more. Reports can be exported in CSV, Excel, and PDF formats.

We have fulfilled similar requirements for several Shopify merchants.

We offer access to more than 80 pre-made report templates as well, in case you need them.

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Shopify doesn't provide this report because this is not the way that payouts and fees work, from a data perspective. Take an example of a single order for $55 made up as follows:


Product A - $30

Product B - $20

Customer Shipping Paid - $5


You then have the following that affects your profit:


COGS Product A - $17

COGS Product B - $8

Shipping paid by merchant - $4.50

Transaction Fees - $.47


So you order profit would be $55 - $17 - $8 - $4.50 - $.47 = $25.03


Your product profit is as follows:


Product A = $30 - $17 = $13

Product B = $20 - $8 = $12


There is no way to assign transaction fees and shipping profit/loss to an individual product, because these are calculated and assigned at the order level.

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Hi @EHegerle,


Claudia here from Better Reports.


Have you been able to find a solution for this report? If not, I would recommend our app Better Reports for this.

The limitations to creating this type of report are based on how the data is structured in Shopify.  We can create a sales report with payout fee overriding these limitations with a few assumptions such as one transaction per order, assuming Shopify payments is the primary gateway, etc.


In addition to this, Better Reports has more than 60 built-in reports available out of the box that cover many common use cases for merchants. You can schedule reports to run at set frequencies to your email or Google Drive or export the reports in CSV, Excel or PDF format.


I encourage you to install Better Reports and start your free 14-day trial and I'll be happy to set this up for you.


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