How does Shopify's chargeback process impact accounting and fees?

How does Shopify's chargeback process impact accounting and fees?

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It appears the way Shopify tread chargeback is wrong for accounting and fees. 

When a sale is a make there is a currency fee and then when they payout, there is another fee. 

When a chargeback happens, Shopify does not amend the sales order but deduct the money from payout ie hidden from the sales ledger and to add insult to the business, it charges another fee and a big fee of £10 and does not refund the sales fee. So now the business is charged 3 times of fee, when the business has no say in the dispute, unlike Paypal. 

To make matters worst, then finance department or IM department do not understand the sales ledger. When a chargeback happens, the sales did not happen, but if the business uses their financial model then the sales still exist which is totally wrong, as the business would be paying profit, corporate tax on the sales, which was cancelled by the chargeback. 

Shopify really needs to get financial and accounting in proper order and in terms of finance and fees. 

Another financial mistake like the VAT implication on UK new rule of 1.1.2021. I am disappointed as Ebay and Amazon can get it right. 

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