How to correctly set up VAT tax calculation for Poland?

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Hello everyone,
I have tried several times to correctly set up VAT tax calculation for Poland. I only sell products in Poland, so I don't need any other settings. The products I sell are subject to 8% VAT and some are subject to 23% VAT. Courier shipments have a 23% VAT rate. All product prices include VAT. I would like to ask for your help in correctly setting up the taxes so that it has the following effect on the order:

Example of how it should be displayed on the order: Product 1 price: 100 PLN (includes 8% VAT) x 1 unit Courier shipment: 10 PLN (includes 23% VAT) x 1 unit Total: 110 PLN VAT amount: 10.30 PLN

That's how it should be calculated correctly.

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Hi Xsi, 

That situation is handled via tax overrides. Create a manual collection and place all the reduced VAT rate goods there. As soon as it is done create an override for this collection in taxes and duties section. do not apply overrides to shipments. All will work as you described . - the best EU and UK VAT compliance solution.