How to ensure automatic sales tax collection for all states on my new online store?

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Sales tax question. I make handmade dog accessories and sell online only. I am based out of Texas.

I am setting up my new Shopify website (I used to have Etsy)

I went to settings, taxes, and then clicked on USA and selected my state Texas. I put in my sales tax ID.

It now says I am collecting sales tax in 1 state in the US.

My question is will that be enough on my part for Shopify to automatically collect sales tax on other states when buyers from other states other than Texas makes a purchase?

I know when I sold from Etsy, my buyers from other states were charged sales tax as well..not just in my state.

How do I make sure I am collecting sales tax from all the states I need to ?? Please help!

I went ahead and put something in my cart as if i was going to make a purchase and put in an address from California and it didn’t show it would charge sales tax. So i know I am missing something 😩 what do I need to do ?!

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This is the exact situation I am in. I wonder if you ever resolved this?