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How to ensure local tax is charges as well as state tax on "pickup" orders

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We need to allow customers to choose "pickup/local pickup" as a shipping method while also ensuring the local tax rate is collected.

Currently, we have a "free shipping coupon code" called "pickup" which is basically a free shipping code. While it does collect state tax (7.25%) it does not collect the required local tax (0.25%) on top of that. 

I chatted with Support and they're digging but suggested I post on the forums.

They're only suggested at this point is to have the customer enter our local shop's address as their shipping address. While all well and good, this is not an elegant or smooth operation to ask the buyer to make. We'd need to have text on the checkout screen telling the customer to do so, list our address, and hope they follow the instructions. We all know how consistent that will be 🙂

Any ideas other than the customer entering our address?


No Local Tax Collected

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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi, Adam!

My name is Giada, I’m with the Support Team at Shopify!

I did some digging into your tax rates and sent you a follow-up email so that we can go through your stores' tax setup in more detail. When you have a chance, please reply to the email and we can go from there. 

Best Wishes! 

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I'd like to know how to approach this as well.

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I need info on this as well.