How to handle TDS deduction and GST invoices with ecommerce platforms in India?

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1) Does Shopify have Permanent establishment(P.E) in India?
2) Does shopify provide TAN (Tax Identification Number so that we can deduct TDS as per Indian tax laws. If Yes Provide the same.
3) In No, then how do we solve the TDS issue as entire Expenses with shopify (subscription, apps and annual plan) will be disallowed as per Indian IT Laws.
4) Why does not Shopify provide us with GST invoices instead of singapore invoices.
5) As the indian laws are same for all companies how do other Indian shopify stores handle TDS payment with shopify and GST compliant invoices with Shopify.
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Shopify Partner
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1) Shopify does not have PE in India

2) They are not registered in India, so no TAN

3) Pay 10%
4) They are not registered for GST

5) Most might be small business for whom TDS is not applicable 

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Dear Sir,


did you find any appropriate resolution of this problem


how you handle TDS and GST compliance of shopify,


if yiu have any knowledger the please help