How to show correct tax settings based on country in a Shopify store?

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We are trying to set up a new Shopify-store. We use the Business Central connector and the synch works fine. 
We are based in Sweden so all our prices is exported in SEK and exclude VAT.

I´m having problems getting the correct TAX settings to show the correct price in the store... 

For example, as I said before we exported all prices excluding VAT. So if an item is 100 SEK exkl. VAT it should be 125 SEK when shopping in Sweden since we have 25% VAT here. But the 25% isn´t added. 

If i tick the box "Include tax in prices" the price will be 100 SEK incl. VAT. That means the price is now 80 SEK exkl. VAT which is wrong. 

We want to synch all the prices excl. VAT. So in admin we see the price 100 SEK, but a customer here in Sweden should see 125 SEK incl. VAT. 


We also sell alot in the EU, which should be dynamic. For example in Germany they have 19% VAT.  So if they are in our store it should show 119 SEK (100 * 1,19 VAT).

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