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Inconsistency between Sales report and payment report

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Dear Support,


I am trying to consolidate numbers between the SALES report and the PAYEMENT report.



After analyzing in detail, I noted that the gap is coming from some orders for which we had a product return from the customer (and reimbursement). So some of these orders, we can't see the update in the Sales report. Though the finance report is correct.

Here an example:

In June a customer ordered 1 item for 139Eur (including 22.19Eur VAT).

In July, the customer returned us the item and we proceeded to the reimbursement for 139Eur.

Now, here what we have in the sales report:


Only the VAT has been impacted in the Sales report. The sales report is still showing a sales of 139Eur. It should have been netted by the return.

Now, please look what is in the finance report:


Here we can track both transactions and it's correct.


Do we have a setting issue ? It's really impacting for us as we are following our TO result on the SALES report.


Thanks for your help



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