Invoice for Shopify Payment Charges?

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Hi there,


I was wondering where I can see/download the invoice for the charges that Shopify Payments charges me. I am aware of the invoices we can get from the Billing section, but these invoices does not include the expense I have from using Shopify Payments. 


Example: I sell for €100,- on the store and I use Shopify payments. Shopify charges me a % fee for the transaction and send me (let's say for example) €95,-. 


A fee is deducted for each sale I do, and this sums up to quite a bit over a month. I need an invoice for these fees. They are not charged to my card, they are deducted from the payments you send me. 


By the way, I have seen the section where I can download the list of fees that I pay, but I am looking for an invoice for these fees? 


Hope this makes sense and hope you can help. 




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not solved. clicking the documents button says this. i need invoices. a CSV isnt a valid document for tax.




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Hi! is this problem solved? I can't find invoices for the transaction fees.

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Nope, not as far as I know

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Didn't get anywhere with Shopify support but I've been trying to solve this problem over the last few days and have come to the conclusion that the transaction charge is an exempt expense and hence why Shopify doesn't produce a VAT invoice for it. Screenshot attached from

Screenshot 2023-03-27 at 15.00.53.png


As an exempt expense, they have no legal obligation to provide you with a VAT invoice and it doesn't need to be accounted for on your VAT return.


This is unlike the software subscription charges which are classified as reversed charged and do need to be accounted for even though there is no additional VAT to pay.