Issues with taxes and locations when using Printify with different fulfillment centers

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I'm currently working on my Shopify online store and have integrated with Printify as my print on-demand vendor.

I’m have several questions about setting up locations and taxes on my account.



My default location is set to my home address(MA), but products will not be shipped from here since I’m using a print-on demand vendor (Printify).

But Printify’s print providers/fulfillment centers are located in two different states. Here are the two print providers I’m using through Printify below.


My Locker

Fulfillment center - Michigan


Digital Monster

Fulfillment center - Miami, FL


What addresses should be added under “location” and “taxes” section of my Shopify account?


Printify’s Address in California?


My Locker’s address in Michigan?


Digital Monster’s address in Miami Florida?


All three addresses (as well as mine of course)?


I already added my Massachusetts tax ID in the taxes section of Shopify. But do I need to also register for a state tax ID in Michigan and Florida since the fulfillment centers are located there?




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Just curious how you made out, similar position. I’m using printify and am in MA. Heard I should have a vendor license for MA and the get printify a sellers certificate. Did you do a multi state resale certificate with printify?