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Multi-country sales tax? I'm buying in Europe, I'm located in Canada, selling to Australia?

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If I'm buying from a European supplier - let's say Germany, I'm located in Canada, and I sell to an Australian based customer. How do I handle sales tax? Do I pay (as a business) the German sales tax let's say it's 15% and how do I handle Australian sales tax? I've read that I don't have to add sales tax or collect sales tax when the customer is outside of my business' geographic location (outside Canada) but can I then go to the German tax authorities and claim back the 15% since my business is not in Germany?



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Hi @TimD1 

Did your issue be solved yet? This is a tax rate setting guide in many countries

I hope it's useful for you.

By the way, we have a complete guide for tax setting on Shopify, It's a list of useful guides on setting up tax rates and it could help you a lot.


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