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Non VAT registered in UK

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Hello all, Im very new to online selling but have many years in bricks and mortar selling. As a new company we have chosen not to register for VAT - not expecting to reach the VAT threshold for a long time!

How do I set my shopify store to not VAT registered? and therefore no VAT due on sales? 

 I can set my retail prices ok - but the invoice shows VAT charged - which it is not. so I cannot send out invoices that are inaccurate. we would have a legal problem as well as misleading customers. 

there must be other non vat regsitered traders out there - how have you solved this? 

the online chat person suggested i create a seprate collection for EU sales. not the point at all. 

Many thanks


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Many thanks for the simple explanation Katy, i'm just setting up a site for my partner's business and had missed one of those steps also!


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Thank you for your helpful advice x