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Payments through PayPal--Sales tax accounting

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Some of our payments are handled by PayPal. I can see the total amount of those payments in a Finances Summary Report. However, I can't figure out how to get details of those transactions, including sales tax details. If I do a detail report of all Spotify payments, the transactions are listed and the sales tax for those transactions is detailed, but the report doesn't show them as any different than transactions paid through Shopify. Conversely, if I do a report of PayPal payments, the transactions are among the rest of my PayPal transactions with sales tax detailed, but there is nothing to indicate that they are Shopify transactions. 

I need a way to separate out the PayPal transactions so I don't double report the sales tax.

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Hi Doug,

Data Export can help with the export of sales and taxes by each Payment Method (PayPal, Stripe, Shopify Payments or others).

You can also get the PayPal transaction ID for each order which will allow you to match the Shopify reports with PayPal reports.

We have a 15-day trial. Our support team will create the report. There is no cost for report creation or customization.

You can contact me at if you have any questions.





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Have you figured out how to do this without paying yet another subscription fee to do something as simple as this? I'm having the same problem. How do you show Shopify Sales charges, Shipping charges, and Tax charges, and seperate the Shopify Payments from PayPal Payments? Not only the double tax issue, but the double Sales Reveue issue!

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Paypal reporting isnt the best, you would think that given their huge scale they would have fantastic reports, but I nearly always end up downloading a report to excel then spending time tidying up that way before I can start to reconcile against my ecommerce sales.

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Hello @Doug18,

With Report Pundit, you will be able to get sales and tax details for payment gateways like Paypal, Amazon marketplace,  Stripe, Cyber source, etc. The report also can be filtered based on the payment gateway names.


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Report Pundit also has pre-created Transactions and Billing reports like Paypal Details and Reconciliation, Stripe details and reconciliation & Payment Gateway reports, etc.

Contact our live support experts by chat or email at for help in creating reports. 



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