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Prices and VAT (Norway)

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We are currently building a new webshop on your platform and have encountered a problem. 

For norwegian (domestic) customers we charge 25% vat on the products.

So if a t-shirt is NOK 500, 25% of that price goes to taxes. 


The problem occurs when an international customer buys a product. They dont pay any taxes, but the price is still NOK 500. How can I reduce the price for international customers so that it is minus the 25%?

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you have to select in your tax settings that your product prices exlude taxes:


Shopify prices with tax excluded


However, you will have to adapt your pricing and have all your prices as net price, and then Shopify will add the tax rate on top on the checkout.


Since probably in your market you need to display prices including taxes in all pages, I would recommend you to follow this instructions:


Let me know if that helps!



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did this work for your webshop based in Norway? I'am in the same situation..