QuickBooks Bundles

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Our site sells eight SKUs; each with multiple inventory parts comprising a finished product.  We have set up the eight SKUs as bundles in our QuickBooks Online item list to track the inventory of all parts upon sale.  When the Shopify QuicBooks Integration App pushes sales receipts into our QBO company file on a nightly basis, new products are created and it seems like Shopify doesn't recognize the bundles we've built in our item list.  Has anyone experienced issues with Shopify, QuickBooks Online, Sales Receipts and 'bundled' products in the item list?

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I have the same problem! Both Shopify and Quickbooks don't have a fix for this. I might have to look into getting another accounting software that will help me break finished products out by components.

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Did you happen to find a solution to this problem?  Bundles, in general, are a big problem in Shopify as there are no native bundling capabilities and it seems natural that this would also be a big problem in the Shopify:QBO integrations.  We use Bold's Shopify:QBO connector.  I am going to contact Bold's customer support and see what they say although I am not hopeful.  I suspect that we will have create a zap in zapier (if this is even possible) to go into QBO to create the bundles sales and then delete the bundle sale.  Seems like a real can of worms!!

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We're having the same issue.  Has anyone had any luck or found a workaround?