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Hi there, 

We currently have our shopify site connected to our Quickbooks accounting software. We've been running the two together for almost a year now and still find it very labour intensive, with the data coming through from shopify often being out by £0.01 which, although slight, involves editing and rematching over two thirds of our transactions when reconciling the account. 

We've just had an email from 'Bold Commerce' the app developers who allow the syncing to be possible, informing us that soon we'll have to pay for the use of the app. Totally understand them needing to make money however, being so far from perfect and with so many errors it's made us reconsider switiching out accounting over to Sage/ Xero, as it seems silly to pay for a product which doesn't really work. 

Has anyone any knoweldge/ does anyone currently work with shopify/ sage/ Xero? Is it good and would you recommend any apps in particular? 

Or, does anyone have any alternative accounting software they would recommend, we do very little invoicing with almost all of our transactions coming through our websop/ ebay/ paypal.

Thank you in advance, 


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