Sales Tax in California According to District

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I have nexus in San Francisco City and County, CA, and am trying to figure out how to set the proper tax settings.

It is my understanding that when doing intrastate business in CA:

1. customers within the same county and city should be charged a state, county, and city tax.

2. customers within the state but NOT the same county/city should only be charged a state tax.

From the Tax Sourcing dropdown, it doesn't seem as though either option ("Destination" or "Origin-Hybrid") would cover the above requirements. I've also read a few articles about using the tax override option and manually inputting zip codes to create unique tax rates, but I think Shopify has very recently updated the Tax page in Settings because I see no option to manually input zip codes. I've reached out to customer support several times and have gotten no clear answer. Any insight would be appreciated.

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