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Set taxes based on products

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Hello, is it possible to charge taxes (VAT) based on products? I have different products on my store, i'm selling my products in Romania, my business is also in Romania and by law i need to charge taxes based on product type. I have products where i need to charge the 19% standard Romanian federal tax, products where i need to charge 5% and other products where i need to charge 9%. Am i able to do that on shopify? Is it there any plugin that does that? 

Can you please advise as i can not launch my store without fixing this.  


Or maybe are there any invoice apps which can help me to generate invoice based on product sold so i can manually add the tax%? 

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We are looking at a very similar question here in the UK, for example children clothes are zero rated for VAT where as adult clothes have 20% added to the price.


Further in the UK different sizes for clothes, again can have different tax rates as after a certain age for children they will be taxed meaning specific variants will need to have a different tax rate applied; for example a size 2 will have zero VAT and a size 7 will have VAT so thats 2 size variants of the same product which we will need to handle differently.


The main advice on VAT for Shopify is found here (which admittedly ins not supported by Shopify), however this really does not work as it requires us to hard code the VAT rate into our template which in 2019 is terrible for an e-commerce platform and is not how competitor platforms (including old versions of Magento 1) handle it.

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If you're based in Romania and selling to Romania, you can change the payment service provider to Twispay.

They don't charge VAT. 

You can email and get more details.

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Hi all, @Narizaonline @TommyPG @Pixus 

Yes, there is a fix for this 🙂 What we did for our client in Romania whit a similar problem was this:

1. We created tags for products like VAT 19%, VAT 9%, etc.
2. We created auto collections with the condition to include all products with your desirable tag, so one collection for one tag ( eg. "Items with 19% VAT")
3. Go to SETTINGS > TAXES > TAX REGIONS > Tax overrides (Customize here region-based tax rates for specific product collections or shipping rates when shipping to designated areas)

Helpful? Like my answer 🙂 
Need more help? We are Romanian Shopify Partners so feel free to reach out to us for any issues.


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