Shopify Payout times = accounting nightmare

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Is anyone else experiencing accounting difficulties based on the fact that Shopify reports show sales based on the date according to your time zone, but Shopify Pay determines payouts based on UTC time zone? I'm not talking about the days in between sales and deposit. I'm talking about the actual cutoff times.

For example, let's say that Shopify sales for a business day shows that $2000 total was sold on Day X.

Let's say $1500 was sold through Shopify Pay, and $500 was sold through Paypal.

My client's accountant wants to use the sales report to reconcile and match with actual deposits. However, Shopify Pay payouts are calculated based on UTC time and will not match the $1500 since that was based on EST time. The Shopify Pay deposit will capture orders from 7pm EST on Day X - 6:50pm EST on Day Y. Paypal on the other hand, allows you to set the payout times so they do match the sales report.

I've called Shopify and they say that the Shopify Pay times can not be changed from midnight to midnight UTC time.

How are others handling the accounting piece of this??

Thanks in advance.


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The reason it is so highly rated is they are super helpful when you join and immediately request you to give them a rating (I also gave them 5 stars that I wish I could take back). But then you find out that the app is very cumbersome to use, reports often take a whole day to run, and their customer service is horrible. I wish I could revise my rating. You get what you pay for.

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It worked! Thank you so much again.

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I'd be damned if I pay 20.00 a month for each shopify store to get reports that should follow general accounting principals.   That's absurd.   Bad on Shopify.  A day is from 12 - 11:59  per time zone.  Period.  I am so angry

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2 years later this is still an issue.  have you found a solution?   

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Yes, I am dealing with this as well. I was told to look into an App to help me. After trying a few, I have downloaded the Report Toaster App. They were able to create a report that separates the payouts to correspond to the Shopify payout times. ie all sales made after 8 pm, in my case, show on the next days payout report.

At least I am able to reconcile without having to downlaod the cvs files to reconcile. Hope this can help you.