Suggestion: End of day batching to xero

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I have 2 related suggestions to make (or if this is already possible, please advise me!). I just integrated Shopify POS with my Shopify website, and I am loving it except for the fact that every single purchase that is made in my store creates an entry in my integrated Xero accounting software.  It would be much more time efficient for me, to the tune of about 20-30 minutes a day, if Shopify gave us the option of setting up an "end of day batching" capability with Xero where I could just match the end of day with the batched import into my bank account.

AND, if that end of day batching would break down what was paid in cash, credit card, gift card, that would be most helpful.  Right now I have customers who use the split payment option for cash & credit, and when it imports to Xero it shows both of them together in one payment with the "cc,cash" identifier on the end, but I can't figure out how to reconcile the part that is credit card to the credit deposit and the remaining cash to the other account.  I think this suggestion would be most helpful and save the store owners A LOT of time.

Thanks for such great products!

Roshan Richards

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Hi Roshan,  I have the same issue and would like it to seperate what is cash and what was cards.  Have you have any replies as yet?