UK - VAT Registered and how to apply different shipping rates

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Hi, we have had out eShop now for 3ish months and from the 1st August we will be registered for VAT (limited company) BUT we are running into a problem with this and really need someones help.

The main products we sell are zero rated for VAT purposes (therefore meaning we do not need to charge VAT to the customer). We have two products that are VAT chargeable and we will need to add VAT to these from 1st August, I know how to charge taxes on individual products, so I have that covered... but... we need to distinguish shipping rates, A zero rated one and then a 20% one depending on what the customer is purchasing - can we do this?



Transaction 1 - Kids Rompersuit £8.50 (zero rated VAT) + £3.00 (no VAT) shipping

Transaction 2 - Kids Rompersuit £8.50 (0%) and Kids Backpack £5.00 (+20% VAT) + £3.60 (3.00+20% VAT) shipping

We only need VAT added to a shipping rate where a customer has selected a product that is VAT chargeable. HELP!

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For my shop, shopify charges zero vat on delivery if the order only contains zero-rated products, and 20% if it only contains 20% rated products.

So that's correct. 

The problem for me is when i sell zero-rated and 20% rated products in the same order - then the vat on delivery should be apportioned. Shopify just charges 20%, so i'm over-paying VAT to HMRC on dleivery on all mixed orders.

But i'm guessing that's going to be a very small nubmer for you, so i wouldn't worry about it until you're doing lots of mixed orders!