VAT & Taxes as a EU resident

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I am planning on opening my own Shopify store in Austria and I was wondering on how to complete setting up my taxes and VAT. I have a few questions and concerns. For context, lets just say that I wish to dropship products from my store in Austria to European and American countries.


  • Do I have to register my business in Austria and if so...
  • when should I register it,
  • what type of business


  • Firstly, I wish to know if I even have to charge VAT as a resident of Europe. And if so...
  • when and how much VAT must I charge,
  • where and when is VAT charged and if I, as the store owner, have to pay anything


  • How to setup taxes 
  • when and where I have to pay them

I would gladly jump in a call with someone, if it is easier to explain for you to talk to me face to face. Any help I can get is appreciated!!!