Where can I find my 2023 1099-K for tax preparation?

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I'm about to do my taxes this weekend and I can't find where to print my 2023 1099-K. Thank you

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Shopify really dropped the ball with this one. They should pay for all of our extensions and then some.

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It is now the last day of February and was just told by a rep that they will have the rest out by the end of the day. I'm beyond frustrated. This is the latest I've ever done my taxes and wont be getting my refund until probably may at this point. Do better Shopify, this is about to become a class-action lawsuit.

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Hey, fellow business owner here! 


By any chance did you get your 1099k form yet?

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I did get mine yesterday , no email

Just go and check 

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We were finally able to download our form this morning. Super stressful and absolutely ridiculous. 

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Yeah it's now almost 8am on March 1st and still NOTHING, glad some people have gotten theirs though.

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It March 4th and still NOTHING FOR ME. I really wish to take care of my taxes ASAP. WHERE IS IT?

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If you are eligible for the 1099k form you should be able to find it in your admin under Finances > Payouts > Transactions and there should be an option to download or access documents in the upper right of the window. If you can't find it there then please reach out to our authenticated support team for further assistance.

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I found an article that  might help a bit. I still don't see any 1099 anywhere even though I met the threshold. This article (from Shopify) states this:


You can file your taxes without the 1099-K form using the data in your Shopify reports to fill out your tax forms. Any corrections Shopify makes to the 1099-K form can be backdated to the correct date your information changes. 


If you would like to replicate the exact calculation of the 1099-K, to confirm the amounts which would have been reported if you qualified, these are the steps you would follow:


  1. Go to Shopify Finances → Payouts → Transactions.
  2. Click on the option to export '1099-K transactions'.
  3. Export from Jan 1 - Dec 31 for the tax year you're concerned about, to see if the total of column I (Amount) is over the threshold. 

Link to article: https://community.shopify.com/c/accounting-and-taxes/1099-k-forms-updated-for-2023-tax-season/td-p/1...

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As of April 9th, I still don't see any 1099 in my Payouts section...