Why are product returns being paid multiple times?

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Hello everyone, does anyone know the problem that returns are paid twice?
A customer returned a product for 49.90 and she was paid 3!X 49.90.
Our shop is connected to an ERP system via an interface. We use Shopify Payments and Paypal Express. It can't be that we are then deducted almost 150 €. An that is not the only order.
Can someone help me?

Many greetings

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Hi @Annilov

This is strange! Payment gateways like Shopify Payments and PayPal cannot return more money than they have processed, meaning that this is likely a result of the Enterprise Resource Planning software that you are using. You will need to consult with the developers or dig into the settings of that software to determine why it is doubling or tripling returns to customers. You could consult with our Payments API documentation for reference. 

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.