Why doesn't Shopify allow EU stores to enter their IOSS number?

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Hello there,

Can anyone explain why Shopify chose not to comply with European IOSS regulation by not allowing EU based stores to enter their IOSS number on their stores? Currently they only give the option of entering IOSS number for stores based outside EU.  

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Also interested in this.

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This is something that you can fix easily with https://apps.shopify.com/eas-eu-compliance

Shopify has basically nothing to do with the IOSS as it is only with logistics and taxes. The EAS Solution clears the hurdle. 

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ACtual entry of the IOSS number is possible (you have to enable EU taxation and then choose to use IOSS). The thing is - the number you enter there ends up nowhere - you will still need to deliver the number to the logistics partner (Royal mail , DPD etc.) It is the logistics partner who uses the number for customs clearence , not Shopify. And of course it is is used by the fiscal intermediary for reporting - and that is another story , see Teemu's answer above

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