Why is my 1099K from Shopify delayed for 2023?

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I have reached out to Shopify multiple times and was first told the 1099K will be issued by Jan 31st. Now they are saying first week of Feb. Ebay, Paypal and all other payment processors have already sent it. Seems like this is a common theme with shopify. Anyone else have issues getting their 1099K? 

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Hi @Tral,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community! I'm happy to provide some information regarding taxes, to ensure this gets resolved. 


1099-K forms are expected to be sent out to merchants that qualify towards the end of January and into early February. While there is no specific release date, the Account Owner can keep an eye out for our email.


To qualify for this form, shops are required to meet the federal threshold. This includes receiving more than 20,000 USD in gross payments and having more than 200 transactions on Shopify Payments. To learn more about this criteria, you can check out our Tax Reporting document as it touches on this further.  


Emails will be sent to the Account Owners email address, and only the Account Owner can find the form within the Shopify admin. If you don't receive an email by the end of February and believe you qualify for the form, please feel free to Connect with us directly. This will allow our support team to take a closer look, as we wouldn't have access to any account specific information through the Community. 


Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. 

Blair | Shopify 
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I meet the criteria of 1099 issuance.  How is it that shopify is the only place. That has not issued a 1099 yet.  EBay paypal and Amazon all sent it before 1/31


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It’s Feb 27 and still no 1099k report. Where are they, we want them as promised 

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This happens EVERY YEAR with shopify!  Somehow Shopify is special and their 1099K must be "much harder"  to generate. Ebay, Amazon, Paypal, ect have no issue supplying this basic tax document generally well before the deadline every year. I really like shopify, but I don't think they will ever issue the 1099-K in a timely manner. 

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I cannot comprehend why Shopify needs until the end of February but every other company has issued them already!