Updated Deadline: Aug 1st -- [Deprecation] Important changes to ProductVariant, Refund and Fulfillment APIs

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Hey Devs!

We've recently shipped a new change to help with identifying calls that we consider deprecated.  We've added a new header to return on these calls:


If you receive one of these headers in your response, this means Shopify considers that a deprecated call.  This is an effort to allow these calls to be machine readable, and loggable, in order to assist developers in identifying the areas that need to be updated.

Examples of calls that will return this header:

  • Creating a fulfillment without a location
  • Creating a product with variants that have "inventory_quantity"
  • Creating a new variant on a product that has "inventory_quantity"
  • Updating a variant with "inventory_quantity_adjustment"
  • Updating a variant with "inventory_quantity"


Happy Coding!



Hey Devs,

Just want to let you know that we are extending the deprecation deadline from July 1st to August 1st.  There will be a new post tomorrow with more details, but we just wanted to get it out there to maybe relieve some of the stress you are feeling headed into the weekend.

Most, if not all of your questions will be answered in the post tomorrow so try to save any queries for that!

Cheers All!



Hey Devs,

Shopify is preparing to release multi-location inventory features to all merchants this summer. All apps that create fulfillments or manage inventory will need to be updated by July 1st, 2018, to remain functional on shops that track inventory across multiple locations.

Key dates

July 1st, 2018

  • Apps will no longer be able to create fulfillments without specifying a location
  • Apps will no longer be able to set inventory on the Product/Variant APIs

Migrating to support multi-location fulfillments

Shopify fulfillments are currently “location unaware”, meaning that when an app creates a fulfillment and fulfills an order, Shopify decrements the inventory with no concept of which location that inventory should be decremented from. In order to support merchants with inventory allocated across multiple locations, apps will need to include a location_id when creating fulfillments.

For details on how to migrate your apps to support multi-location, see our Multi-Location Fulfillment Migration Guide.

Migrating to support multi-location inventory

Currently inventory is set and adjusted on the product variant and is not tracked by any particular location. In anticipation of multi-location inventory, Shopify has released a new Inventory API, which includes two new endpoints: Inventory Item and Inventory Level. The Inventory API will allows apps to effectively manage inventory quantities across multiple locations.

For details on how to migrate your apps to support multi-location inventory, see our Multi-Location Inventory Migration Guide.

We’ll keep you up to date as we continue to make improvements to our platform’s multi-location fulfillment and inventory management capabilities, so you can continue to build the best apps to help extend these new features.

If you have any questions about this change, please read our detailed FAQ or contact deprecations@shopify.com.



Shopify Apps Team

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