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Business Manager Permissions - Facebook Channel Troubleshooting

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This post is a part of a larger thread that includes the required permissions to successfully connect to the Facebook Channel. You can find the Table of Contents for all required permissions here.


After connecting your personal Facebook account to the Facebook channel, the first asset you will be asked to connect is your Business Manager. You will need to be the admin of the Business Manager account you select. Without the proper permissions, you will likely run into an error where you're unable to connect the desired Business Manager account. To resolve this, you'll need to confirm that you have "admin" permissions for the Business Manager you wish to connect. 


If starting from the Facebook business suite you will access the Facebook business manager by going to Settings > More business settings.





To confirm that you are the admin, you will need to open your Facebook Business Manager, select "Business settings", then select "People" under "Users" - It should look similar to what you see below:





If you do not see yourself listed as an admin, then you will need to follow Facebook's help document here on how to add people to your Business Manager. If you have any issues with making yourself admin, then you'll want to reach out to Facebook Support.


If you do see yourself listed as the admin, and you're still having issues connecting your Business Manager account, then we'll need you to reach out to Shopify support with the following information: 

  1. The Business Manager ID you wish to connect (Shown in the URL bar)
  2. A screenshot, exactly as above, confirming that your Facebook account has admin access on the Business Manager. 

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