Errors: "[API] This action requires merchant approval for read_orders scope."

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Hi I am trying to integrate Shopify API into my existing app for fetching publishing/listing products, fetching order details. Client provided a Key and Password for accessing the REST Admin APIs.

I tried calling the order api as given below:




But its is returning the error:

errors: "[API] This action requires merchant approval for read_orders scope."

Is this the right way to call the API? Please help me out.


The project I'm working on is python-based one and I'm planning to use python's request library to call the REST APIs.




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If i understand this right, your client made the API key for you and shared the key/password with you.

Each key can be assigned different access scopes so would guess that reading orders was not enabled. Everything is not enabled by default so your client would need to ensure they've given your the scopes you need. Might be worth checking in with them.

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