Retrieve Product Tag with Order API

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Hello Community,


I want to retrieve the Product Tags via the Shopify Order API. Background is, i made an excel file which retrieve the unfullfillt orders. Our logistic department needs these data to pack our parcels. The file works well but i can not find a way to get the product tags.


I appreciate any help. Thank You.

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Hello  @Stefan191 


To give you a solution, can you explain some elements from your question ->


- You talk about a google sheet that hold all your unfullfillt orders, how did you do that ? By a script ? Automation ?
- You talk about orders, but you want product tags. Did you split your orders (by line_items) ? Or is it just one line for one order ?

My first guess is, you 'll need to create a product table inside you google sheet and create a vlookup formula to get this information.
It will only work if you have a split by line_item inside your google sheet.

Or if you want a full automation, before inserting object inside the google sheet, do an API call to this endpoint (using the product_id, that you will find inside the line_item) -> products/{product_id}.json, you 'll find the tag fields.

Hope it will help !
Waiting for your reply !

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