Which Shopify fields/endpoints to pull from for Additional Order Details?

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Hi, I am trying to integrate my Shopify store with Flxpoint (marketplace system). I would need gift message and date picker fields to be captured and flow through to Flxpoint where the vendors will be able to receive them. 


The support at Flxpoint would need to know which Shopify fields/endpoints does 'Additional Details' on the order page or product line item details pulls from to help set it up. 

They looked through this Shopify documentation: https://shopify.dev/api/admin-rest/2021-10/resources/order#resource_object but couldn't find it.
May I know which order fields in Shopify do these relate to?
Thank you!


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Hi @Ru4!


We're setting these in our Bloom app via cart attributes: https://shopify.dev/api/liquid/objects/cart#cart-attributes


Hope this helps if you still needed to get this sorted.