Can I add a dropshipping policy to my boutique website?

Can I add a dropshipping policy to my boutique website?

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Hey! I had a few questions about policies. I already have my policies listed but I just thought of another policy that Shopify does not have. I have a boutique website through Shopify and one of the wholesale marketplaces where I buy my boutique clothes offers dropshipping. I am just starting to learn about dropshipping and I am now starting to offer dropshipping on my website. This basically means I upload items that can be drop shipped to my customers without me having to purchase a run of that item, it comes directly from the wholesale place but my customers purchase the item through my website. So I was wondering if Shopify has a policy about dropshipping. I, personally would explain how and what dropshipping is in the dropshipping policy and I would also state that I physically do not have the item that is on the website and I have no control over how it is packaged or when it is shipped, etc. So I was just wondering if this would be a policy that Shopify might add in the near future or if it is already a policy Shopify offers and if it is not how would I go about adding a dropshipping policy to my website?

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I think this is just whatever you want it to be. I've worked with a lot of stores that dropship but I don't think I've ever seen a special "dropship policy".


From the customer's point of view, you are the seller, the dropshipper is just like shipping directly from the manufacturer.


Any arrangements you work out are between you and your dropshipping partner, I would just organize that and set the expectations to your customer. For example if your supplier ships in 2 - 4 days usually, add that to your shipping policy. If they do a certain type of packaging, indicate that. If your customers have special requests, either have a system where you can relay that to your supplier, or tell the customer that you're not able to (then you can explain to them the reason and ask if they want to proceed with the order or not).

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