Can you mix drop shipped and warehouse items in one store?

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I'd like to ask if it's possible to add drop shipped items to an established store.

How will purchases work for clients that purchase items from both the drop ship products and our warehouse products in one order?

Will payments be combined?


Thanks for the help..

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Hi @rpfdam,


Yes, it is possible to sell both dropshipping items and your own items on your ecommerce store.  I suggest that you separate your own items vs dropshipped items into separate collections or tags so it will be easy to identify and manage them.


Your customer can still purchase the products on your store as usual, but since the dropshipped products will be fullfilled by your supplier, kindly make sure that this is communicted to your customers.


You can say something like "We work with multiple suppliers to bring you the best products and selection, so it's possible that some items in your order may arrive in separate packages. Our goal is to get your items to you as quickly and efficiently as possible, and we appreciate your understanding and patience. "


I hope this helps. By the way, Checkout Spocket! It's what I use for my store and it's definitely worth checking out.