Can you recommend reliable UK-based clothing and decor suppliers?

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Hello everyone 😊 I am Looking for reliable dropship/wholesalers UK based suppliers who supply and single sell clothing and decor with quicker fulfilment uk delivery. I am being badly let down with very slow delivery timeframes  by suppliers charging more than you’d expect with 10+Days delivery timeframe customers not happy and I am not happy. Help please? Sustainable organic clothing suppliers uk ideally. 

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You can check the following  UK based suppliers; 


Angel Wholesale





Hopefully it helps to you,



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Hi @sfobj,

On Syncee Marketplace, you’ll find trusted suppliers from all over the world, including the UK, offering products with fast shipping. You can browse among them by selecting shipping location, so you will know for sure what items are shipping from where. You can also select product categories and look for sustainable clothing brands. Check Teddie London, DRiiBE, Kernow Mojo, and more. 

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There are lots of fashion suppliers that ship from UK on AppScenic - a dropshipping automation app. Our suppliers ship super fast to UK and offer only high-quality and premium products. 

You can start by reading more about us:


Happy dropshipping! 🙂

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Hi @sfobj 

For wholesale clothing if you are facing issues with delivery timings, I will recommend you to approach manufacturers directly. Here are some UK based you can contact.

Good Luck.